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Elena 7,5

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The ELENA cross-country skiing glove by ROECKL SPORTS offers high performance features to discerning female athletes without compromising with regard to comfort. It keeps hands warm and provides an excellent grip on the ski pole so that what belongs into focus can stay in focus: the tracks, experiencing nature and of course, the joy of cross-country skiing

  • Soft ROECK-PROOF® soft shell on the backhand reliably keeps the cold wind away
  • Particularly tactile ROECK-GRIP® on the palm enables handling the poles directly and powerfully
  • The materials are elastic, highly breathable and supple
  • A warming lining and COMFORT-INNOVATION by ROECKL
  • Seamless padding on the pressure-sensitive crook of the thumb, offer additional comfort
  • Convenient: Thanks to the so-called Watch Shape, a discreet cut-out at the wrist, the pulse monitor is ideally positioned
  • Easy closure fastener on the palm secures the ELENA around the wrist, ensuring an even better fit
  • Machine-washable at 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit)



  • Backhand: ROECK-PROOF® Ural
  • Palmhand: ROECK-GRIP® laminated
  • Attributes: COMFORT-INNOVATION, lining, neoprene cuff with easy closure